Digital Edition: Accounting and Finance, Legal Principles, and Management Bundle


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TMA Digital Body of Knowledge books

The ability to read, understand, and analyze financial information, and more specifically financial statements, is key to the development of an insolvency professional. The newly refreshed Accounting and Finance Body of Knowledge explains the various financial concepts used to aid a business through a financially stressful situation. (303 pages)

Understanding basic law concepts and restrictions are important to the turnaround consultant, who must guide clients through business decisions involving contracts, employment law, bankruptcy, and a variety of other legal matters. The newly refreshed Legal Principles Body of Knowledge gives readers a general understanding of legal concepts that may arise and aids the turnaround practitioner to become an informed consumer of legal advice. (255 pages)

Effecting successful turnaround engagements is a combination of science and art. Understand common features of troubled companies, early warning signs of business decline, and the strategies used to preserve corporate value. Learn the ethical principles that guide insolvency professionals and more in the newly refreshed Management Body of Knowledge. (145 pages)

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