TMA Chicago/Midwest 13 Week Cash Flow Webinar

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

Coming out of nearly three years of an economy flush with pandemic-related government assistance, we appear to be seeing the end of an historic trough in chapter 11 filings.  Turnaround professionals sense that “things are ticking up” – defaults are up, filings are up, companies and lenders are calling.  In this environment, the 13-week cash flow analysis remains a critical component of a turnaround firm’s advisory services to distressed clients and their lenders.  Join a panel of experts led by moderator David Interdonato (Riveron RTS) for an introduction to cash flow analysis and advanced 13-week cash flow techniques.

Why Attend This Event:

  •    Go beyond the mechanics of the 13-week cash flow forecast and learn about the “art” of presentation.
  •    Real world insight into utilizing the 13-week forecast as a strategic negotiation tool.
  •    Application of current industry trends and issues from both Company and Lender advisors.

Learning Objectives:

  •   Tip and tricks to help communicate key drivers effecting 13-week cash flow outputs
  •    Effective presentation of the 13-week cash forecast including the latest trends effecting borrowers and lenders
  •   Learn how industry veterans utilize the 13-week forecast as a strategic negotiating tool for their engagements
  •   How different constituents on a deal view the forecast from a different lens
  •  “Sales” vs operational forecast
  •    Devil is in the details vs. the 80/20 rule when time is of the essence

Moderator | Speakers


       David Interdonato (Moderator) - Riveron


      Jack Donohue - Development Specialists, Inc


      Craig Pace - Virtas Partners


      Erik White - Harney Partners

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