Credit Trends and Strategies in the Middle Market 2023

Queen City Club, Cincinnati, OH  
Wednesday, April 05, 2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM   iCalendar Eastern Standard Time


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Credit Trends and Strategies in the Middle Market 2023

Is the credit cycle turning? What are risk management professionals doing in the current environment to mitigate risk and what risks do they see

developing this year? 

Panelists will share what they are currently seeing in the market in terms of credit quality, elaborating on what they are doing to minimize risk to lenders.  We encourage all attendees to share experiences -  come prepared with cases in which a lender was over-extended or had a workout situation that was ultimately resolved.


  • David Kebrdle - Managing Partner - Chikol Equities
  • R. Ted Keller - VP - Fifth Third Bank Workout and Special Assets Division
  • John Klehm - SVP - Spectrum Commercial Services
  • Berry Peterson - Managing Partner - Northcreek Mezzanine

Queen City Club  

331 E 4th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202-4266